Review “Sesquicentennial Blooms ” Paintings by Maria Antoniv

Sesquicentennial Blooms series 2017

Having just seen Maria Antoniv’s current show at the Women’s Art Association of Canada in Toronto, I’m delighted to add my enthusiastic praise for this recent collection. Maria wishes to honour Canada’s 150th Anniversary since Confederation, and to that end has titled her show “Sesquicentennial Blooms – An Expose of Canada’s Provincial Flowers”.

Her Artist’s Statement expresses her love and devotion to all things Nature, and her depiction of the amazing variances in these very dissimilar flowers from across Canada’s vast land, gives credence to this. Maria treats the smaller delicate flowers with a gentle touch, almost reverence, while using strong colors and brush-work for the larger blooms and their foliage. You may well be lured by Maria’s work to grab the nearest book on Canadian flora to explore further what Maria has offered as enticement!

Maria has used a novel and attractive layout in presenting these paintings, setting them in an undulating pattern against an emblematic Maple Leaf- the symbolism is immediately apparent.

I (We) wish Maria continuing success in her progress through the World of Art – a truly commendable talent!

Jocelyn Shaw, Women’s Art Association of Canada, Toronto, Canada

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